For technical enquiries about the G4 Guidelines, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Click here to download the FAQ on G4 (English version).

My question was not answered in the FAQ. Can GRI help me?

GRI's Standards Division is responsible for handling technical enquiries related to the G4 Guidelines. Any technical enquiries can be submitted, in English, to standards@globalreporting.org. The Standards Division aims to return responses to inquires within 7 working days.

GRI appreciates all feedback on the G4 Guidelines. However, as the Guidelines are developed in a multi-stakeholder process, the Standards Division is not able to offer new or different interpretations of the existing G4 text.
GRI's Standards Division is able to assist enquirers with advice about:

  • Where they can locate relevant information (either in the Guidelines or on the GRI website)
  • How information in the GRI Guidelines or on the GRI website relates and/or is complementary
However, there are types of questions that cannot be answered by GRI's Standards Division:

Open questions and opinions

All available information that constitutes a formal position taken by GRI can be found on its website. GRI's Standards Division is unable to respond to open questions, or give opinions, via other methods. This includes enquiries about:
  • GRI and sustainability reporting in general: enquiries of this kind can be emailed to communications@globalreporting.org
  • Opinions on thematic sustainability topics or discussions
  • Opinions or approval of any GRI text which has been summarized by external parties

Assessments, judgments and recommendations 

GRI's Standards Division strives to maintain its neutrality, and cannot provide enquirers with:
  • Assessments of relationships with other initiatives - all information on GRI’s network and strategic partners can be found on its website
  • Assessments of how the GRI Guidelines apply to an organization’s specific circumstances - GRI's Standards Division does not offer consultancy and cannot give advice about how its Guidelines apply to an organization's specific circumstances. (This includes advice such as how report boundary-setting may apply to an organization, or the cost implications of reporting or transitioning to a new generation of Guidelines)
  • Judgments of sustainability performance, as communicated in organizations’ reports
  • Recommendations for specific data collection systems or sustainability management tools
  • Recommendations of best practice, or ‘case study’ examples of reporting specific disclosures – although GRI does offer a range of information and research publications on its website (see Resource Library)