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Our global and inclusive program can help you unlock a variety of benefits that will speed up your organization’s progress towards corporate transparency and help gain a competitive advantage. 

By joining the GRI Community, you will be able to: 

Access a year-round program of in-depth learning and knowledge-sharing on sustainability reporting topics and trends, which includes: 


Engage with a global network of sustainability practitioners and experts through:  

  • Collective onboarding calls 
  • Global Member Meetings 
  • Regional events
  • Ask GRI


Gain profiling and communication opportunities to showcase your organization’s commitment and contribution to corporate transparency, including: 

  • GRI Community Member Mark to use in your communication materials​ 
  • Your organization’s name and logo on GRI’s website, listed as part of the member directory 
  • Resources to help you communicate the benefits of your membership with your stakeholders


Receive a discount on fees for GRI offerings, such as training, report services, leadership forums and events* 

*Depending on the membership package

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Today, more than ever stakeholders request from companies the disclosure of strategic information for their long-term impact on communities with quality standards. GRI has been a strategic partner of ours to help meet stakeholders’ expectations robustly and transparently. At CEMEX, we understand, engage, and keep constant communication through close collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders, all the while reporting on our progress. We invite other organizations to join the GRI Community to connect with peers, learn from each other, and together contribute to sustainability practice.

Denisse Blanca Amores, Social Impact Manager, CEMEX

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