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Global Sustainability Standards Board

The Global Sustainability Standards Board has sole responsibility for setting globally accepted standards for sustainability reporting.

 Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB)


 GSSB Open Call for Nominations: 1 May - 30 June 2018

GRI seeks nominations for the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB)

Call for nominations period: 1 May – 30 June 2018

The Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) is the governance body within GRI that is solely responsible for the development and approval of the GRI Standards 

The GSSB has three vacancies for stakeholders to start 1 January 2019 and sit on the GSSB for a term of 3 years. GRI is only looking for candidates from the following constituencies: Mediating Institutions and Investment Institutions (please see the GRI Constituency definitions).

The GSSB conducts its business in the public interest and follows a transparent procedure regarding meetings and decision making, as all its activities are in the public domain. Nominees should have practical knowledge and experience related to sustainability reporting and understand its broader context.

Additional practical information on the requirements of this role, including time commitment and selection process is available below. 

You are warmly invited to submit names and contact details of suitable candidates, or forward this to interested parties within your networks. 

A completed Nomination Form should accompany any expressions of interest. 

Where relevant, candidates will be asked to also submit a signed Employer Statement indicating their employer is aware and approves of the time commitment and costs associated with membership on the GSSB. However, please note that the individual GSSB members serve in their personal capacity and do not represent their employer in the Board’s deliberations.

Applicants might be asked to provide references on request. More information on the GSSB can be found in the Terms of Reference

All questions and expressions of interest in this role can be directed to GRI Governance Relations Team at,

Important Additional Information

Criteria for GSSB members:
- Knowledge and experience related to sustainability reporting
- Ability to analyze
- Communication skills
- Judicious decision-making
- Awareness of the sustainability reporting environment
- Ability to work in a collegial atmosphere:
- Integrity, objectivity and discipline
- Commitment to GRI's mission and the public interest

Time commitment:
Members of the GSSB spend approximately 140 hours per year to attend two two-day in-person meetings, and up to 8 online meetings of 120 minutes each, including meeting preparation, submitting feedback and comments and participating in approvals. This excludes time to travel to and from in-person meeting locations. In-person meetings usually take place twice in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Participation on the GSSB is voluntary. GRI reimburses reasonable travel related expenses and provides a daily per-diem related to in-person meetings, according to its Travel Policy. 

Nominations and appointment process:
Interested candidates must submit a completed Nomination Form and, if applicable, a signed Employers Statement by 30 June 2018 at 24:00hrs (CEST). 

The IAC will shortlist candidates and conduct interviews shortly thereafter. The new member(s) term(s) will start 1 January 2019. The IAC is also committed to consider regional and gender balance on the GSSB in making the appointments.


 Read more about the GSSB

The GSSB members represent the best combination of technical expertise, diversity of experience and multi-stakeholder perspective, and perform their work according to a formally defined due process, exclusively in the public interest. The GSSB also oversees the Standards Division in the creation of GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards).

As established in the GSSB Terms of Reference, the meetings of the GSSB are open to the public and only certain discussions (normally about selection, appointment and other administrative issues) may be held in private at the discretion of the GSSB.

Download GSSB governance documents:

 Globally accepted Sustainability Reporting Standards


 How are GRI Standards developed and approved?


 GSSB meetings