Next Generation: Top 10 Contestants

​These are the selected top 10 poster entries that were selected for the second round. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images and open them in a new window.​​



The Closing Plenary began with a great moment, when Philip Paczynski - winner of a competition to design a sustainability-themed poster - gave a confident and uplifting speech to delegates.

"I want to see change and I want to be part of it," said Paczynski. "Time is the most precious thing. We need to act now. It's hard to envisage the future of capitalism and the role of sustainability within it. And it is true that real change must come from the top. But as individuals we can still make an impact."

This message was loud and clear in the text of Paczynski's winning design, which depicted a rubbish-strewn beach. "I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I am that somebody."


 Carmen Gräbsch


Top 3 contestant invited to the Conference!
Home Country: Germany
Current Role: Assistant Manager at KPMG on sustainability assurance
I’m Carmen and I’m 26 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and a Master’s degree in International Management (King’s College London). During my semester abroad in Finland, I took a course on sustainability and have been fascinated by the subject since. This course inspired me to write my bachelor thesis on “The Business Case for Corporate Responsibility” and my master thesis on “Biodiversity Reporting – A UK and German comparison”. I presented the latter at the 14th Financial Reporting and Business Communication Conference in Bristol; it will soon be published in “Accounting for Biodiversity” by Mike Jones and Jill Solomon. In 2010, I joined KPMG, where I focus predominantly on sustainability assurance. Every day, the GRI Guidelines are core to my work – this is why it would be a fantastic opportunity to attend the conference!


 Philip Paczynski


Top 3 contestant invited to the Conference
Home Country: Australia
Current Role: Intern at the GRI Focal Point Australia
Philip aspires to work at the intersection of strategy, sustainability and creating value for business and society. This is where his passions truly lies. Philip is currently interning with the GRI Focal Point Australia while completing his undergraduate degree. He has consistently challenged himself with 2 years of corporate experience with a multinational organization, 16 months of volunteering in local government and 10 months of working in the not-for-profit sector, including 8 months acting as an entrepreneur. Philip has also represented Australia at the World Bank, started a Management Consulting Student Society and maintained a Distinction average throughout his study. In his spare time, he enjoys staying fit and healthy and exploring the outdoors.


 Manuel Valdez


Top 3 contestant invited to the Conference
Home Region: Caribbean
Current Role: Founder of One Ahead Consulting
I am a young professional focused on providing sustainability-related assistance to business in emerging markets, specifically those in Central America and the Caribbean. As the founder of One Ahead Consulting, a sustainability-advising firm and the only GRI OS in the Caribbean, I am committed to promoting a broader adoption of sustainability reporting to achieve better business transparency and accountability. I believe better business leads to better societies.


 Zaid Al Bitar


 Efstratios Boumpoukis & Zhikun Lu


 Channuntapipat Charika


 Anna Machin


 Bekeme Masade


 Priscilla Ribeiro


 Nathan Yee