Invite GRI to speak at your event

Published date: 09 November 2021

Communicating the sustainability message

A GRI speaker at your event or conference can make all the difference in getting the sustainability reporting message across.

GRI receives many invitations to speak at external engagements. Speaking interventions are a vital part of GRI’s global outreach.

If you'd like to invite a GRI speaker, please make contact as early in your preparations as possible. By submitting the request form you notify GRI's Events team, who will coordinate the request and try to place a suitable speaker.

The number of invitations is increasing; the lead time is now between 2-6 weeks for final confirmation of a speaker. The more information GRI receives about the event, the easier and quicker the confirmation.

Fill in the GRI Speaker Request Form and send it back to the GRI Events Team to invite GRI to contribute to your event.

GRI trademark policy

The GRI trademark can only be used in both print and digital format, (including a link from the logo to the GRI website homepage) and should appear in the program or list of confirmed speakers where GRI is featured. The logo should be positioned next to the confirmed GRI representative's name, picture, biography or role on the program. A mock up design of how the GRI logo will be used, must be shared in advance for approval by [email protected]

GRI has a number of strategic partners which may connect GRI’s speaking intervention to a larger organizational collaboration or long term project. Examples of such affiliations include sectors of the United Nations, governments or international organizations such as OECD, WBCSD and others. In these exclusive instances the GRI trademark materials can be used to reflect GRI as a ‘partner’ to support the content of the conference. The GRI trademark materials and logo can be featured more widely on event materials to indicate GRI as a partner for the event if permission is agreed in advance.

All logos should be requested from [email protected] with the specific requirements of how it will be used, such as print or digital format.

For more information on the use of GRI’s Trademark and copyright materials please see this section of the website.

If you have any questions

The GRI events team would be happy to assist you

email GRI events team