The First Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency

Reporting: A measure of Sustainability

4 – 6 October 2006
​Discussion and collaboration: GRI’s first ever Conference
Al Gore, former Vice President of the USA,  declared at GRI’s first Conference that the days of sustainability reporting being labeled a ‘niche’ are gone.  “It is not a niche. The old way of measuring value is becoming irrelevant to the more complete approach to what we really need to understand and track”, he said.

The first Amsterdam GRI Conference brought together 161 speakers and 1,150 participants from 65 countries, representing business, financial markets, civil society, labor, government, assurance providers and municipalities. Roughly half of the participants were from Europe or North America, while 250 originated from 37 developing and emerging market countries.
Showcasing a world-class program, and featuring the launch of the G3 Guidelines, the Conference raised global public interest and generated around 75 different news articles, published in over 150 newspapers and publications in 30 countries. The coverage evinced the growing movement behind sustainability reporting and the increasing interest and support of broad groups around the world.

The Conference also launched the alliance between the United Nations Global Compact and GRI, including a linkage tool to enable reporting using both organizations’ guidance. 
Conference in Review provides an exclusive portrait of the 2006 Amsterdam GRI Conference.