UNGC-GRI Sustainability Summit 2019

For more than fifteen years, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and UN Global Compact (UNGC) have pioneered corporate sustainability and reporting, and they arguably represent the two most longstanding, entirely global and widely used frameworks for corporate sustainability and disclosure.

UNGC participants annually submit more than 5,000 'Communications on Progress' (COP) and the total number of GRI based reports has exceeded 45,000. The two organizations have a history of over a decade of cooperation and alignment. GRI developed the world's largest multi-stakeholder sustainability reporting framework, which is aligned with the UNGC Principles, whereas UNGC requires its participants to annually submit a COP aligned with the GRI Standards.

Building on the success of the first GRI Sustainability Summit held in the Philippines in October 2018, UNGC and GRI have joined forces for the Sustainability Summit 2019: Empowering Corporate Action through the SDGs.

The Summit will bring together +300 CEOs, sustainability innovators, experts and reporters from the business sector, civil society, government regulatory bodies, and development partners. It will provide a forum for thoughtleaders to share insights on the importance of driving sustainability in business, partnerships, supply chain transparency and ESG reporting & investments to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Next to plenary sessions, the summit will include a CEO Circle SDGs Forum (invitation only) and a Sustainability Reporting Forum (open to all participants).