2020 GRI Reporters' Summit Series North America

GRI invites you to join us and your sustainability reporting colleagues for the GRI Summit Series, which has two
learning options for you: 6 February (Phoenix, AZ) or 16 June (Washington, DC)!

Launched in 2017, the GRI Reporters’ Summit was created as a learning symposium for practitioners to increase
knowledge sharing and collaboration among North American-based reporting organizations. 
The Summit is not
a conference – we aim to provide specific, tangible guidance and tools to allow reporting organizations to improve
their reporting and better understand trends in sustainability topic disclosure.

We want to keep things fresh and therefore in 2020 will have two half-day sessions for individuals to choose from:

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             Click on the banners above for registration and further information

We hope that these shorter, more local events will allow greater flexibility for attendees’ busy schedules.

For questions or sponsorship information, please contact Alyson Genovese at genovese@globalreporting.org.

What past participants said about their 
GRI Reporters' Summit experience ...