Materiality Matters: GRI's new check service
11 December 2013

​On 2 December GRI launched a new service to check whether the most critical disclosures in reports based on the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines are located as stated, and can be easily found by readers.
​The new service, called ‘Materiality Matters’, reflects G4’s increased emphasis on the need for organizations to focus - both in the reporting process and the final report - on those topics that are material to their business and their key stakeholders. This ‘materiality’ focus will make reports more relevant, more credible and more user-friendly, enabling organizations to better inform markets and society on sustainability matters.

The service focuses exclusively on 11 disclosures related to materiality, boundary and stakeholder engagement. Reporting organizations that choose to take advantage of the service will receive formal acknowledgement from GRI that at the time of publication, the disclosures G4-17 to G4-27 from the GRI G4 Guidelines have been correctly located in both the Content Index as well as in the final report. This acknowledgement will be made via an official GRI-branded message which reporting organizations can include prominently in their report to communicate to their stakeholders that the report has been checked.

Verifying the quality of the reported information and the process of preparing the disclosures is beyond the scope of this service.

GRI began accepting applications for the new service on Monday 2 December. The service costs €1750 - excl. taxes and is offered free of charge to GRI Organizational Stakeholders. The first 20 reporting organizations to apply receive the check for free.

To find out more about the service, follow this link.