1. GRI Community Online Program

  2. GRI Community members get access to exclusive content through webinars and online peer-to-peer discussions, which aim to facilitate their reporting journey and ensure they are up-to-date with the latest insights and trends in sustainability and reporting. Our online program follows three main streams: Sustainability Reporting Process, Q&A with the GRI Standards Division and Trends. 

As GRI Community Members, you will be notified of the exact dates/times as soon as possible. For any questions, or to benefit from this exclusive online program, please contact community@globalreporting.org

Upcoming Webinars  

June 2020

Elevating Oversight of Health and Well-being to Boards (June 23)

July/August 2020

Business and Human Rights (TBC)

Exclusive GRI Community Peer-to-Peer Sessions on Understanding your sustainability impacts during COVID-19 (TBC)

September-December 2020:


  • Disclosing how the SDGs are linked to the business strategy
  • Digital Reporting

  • Sustainability Reporting Process

    • Webinar 1: Reporting Project Management
    • Webinar 2: Define Report Content: Stakeholder Engagement
    • Webinar 3: Define Report Content: Materiality Analysis
    • Webinar 4: Data Collection
    • Webinar 5: Content Development
    • Webinar 6: Communicating your Sustainability Report

    Recent Webinars 

    Trends - A Culture of Health for Business

    Launching the GRI Community Online Program w/ Tim Mohin

    Trends : The New GRI Standard : GRI 207: Tax (2019)

    Digital Reporting: the use of technologies for a more efficient reporting

    How to report the TCFD Recommendations using the GRI Standards 

    Developments in Sustainability Reporting - A Focus on Climate Change 

    Please note that this is an exclusive offer for members of the GRI Community. If you have any questions or would like to join the GRI Community please contact us here.