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Shape the Future of Reporting 

GRI’s Corporate Leadership Groups formulate innovative solutions to common challenges and ultimately shape the future of reporting. Exclusive to GRI GOLD Community members, these platforms encourage international discussions between leading reporting companies and experts convened by GRI. If you’re a corporate with at least three years of reporting, we invite you to join one of the four groups running in 2018. You can download an overview of the four groups here.

Conflict Minerals

• How do you communicate to your stakeholders about this 

• How do you ensure your reporting process and data meet stakeholder expectations?

• Do you want to improve the way you report on conflict 
minerals and shape useful consolidated reporting guidance 
to influence reporting practices?

The GRI Corporate Leadership Group (CLG) on Conflict
Minerals will work in conjunction with relevant industry organizations to help co-develop globally-applicable reporting
guidance, provide a common framework for disclosure, and
encourage additional companies to implement this vital
component of supply chain due diligence.

Book a 15-minute call to discuss the Corporate Leadership Group on Conflict Minerals:


Contact:   Simone Warren

Number:  +31 (0) 20 531 00 43


Modern Slavery

• How do you address challenges related to reporting on modern slavery?

• Do you want to improve the way modern slavery is reported?

• What global tool would be useful to drive better cross-border reporting in a comparable and concise way?

The GRI Corporate Leadership Group (CLG) on Modern
Slavery will play a crucial role in harmonizing the application
of existing tools and frameworks on modern slavery and to
identify best practices on challenging issues.

Book a 15-minute call to discuss the Corporate Leadership Group on Modern Slavery:


Contact:   Simone Warren

Number:  +31 (0) 20 531 00 43


Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals
GRI is working with the UN Global Compact (UNGC) to co-
create the mechanisms for reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of this project, GRI and 
the UNGC have formed a Corporate Action Group (CAG) 
for business representatives. The CAG serves as a business engagement and peer learning forum, where members can 
show leadership in their SDG practices by helping define and promote their business contributions to the SDGs.

Join the CAG to:

• Understand the implications of the SDGs in your                      business context

• Understand emerging practices in reporting

• Influence a movement that will shape the research of               prioritized disclosures needed to report on SDGs

Program overview

Book a 15-minute call to discuss the Corporate Action Group 2017:


Contact:   Francesca Palamidessi

Number:  +31 (0) 20 531 00 31


Digital Reporting

• In the age of big data, are you getting the most out of your disclosures?

• Do you want to translate data into valuable information and tackle the data challenges of reporting?

Despite the ever-increasing availability of sustainability reports, the information they contain is underused – not only by stakeholders but by the companies themselves. By shifting from a reactive, one dimensional approach to reporting, companies could gain access to forecasting and trend analysis capabilities, helping them improve transparency and strengthen the bottom line.

The GRI Corporate Leadership Group (CLG) on Digital  Reporting will help forge a path toward more usable, high quality data that can impact performance. You can explore the digital landscape, challenge your reporting practices and show your leadership position, helping others discover the power of data.

Book a 15-minute call to discuss the Corporate Leadership Group on Digital Reporting:


Contact:   Elena Perez Vega

Number:  +31 (0) 20 531 00 22