Food security is a human right

Published date: 02 August 2022

Medium article by Margarita Lysenkova, Manager, GRI Sector Program

What has the conflict between Russia and Ukraine revealed about vulnerabilities in global food supply chains – and why businesses need to do more to communicate their impacts on food security?

In our latest Medium article, Margarita Lysenkova highlights the global impact as a result of uncertainties over food experts from the region, with the right to food moving from primarily an issue of access to one of availability. Unpacking the important role of food production companies, she identifies highly relevant food security considerations, as addressed in the new Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fishing Standard (GRI 13):

Food and conflict: why demands for corporate accountability are growing

Food is more than just a commodity that can be left to the whims of market forces, nor should its supply be undermined as a consequence of armed conflicts and natural disasters. As GRI 13 recognizes, there is no silver bullet solution to global food security. A myriad of approaches and actions are needed."

Margarita Lysenkova, GRI

Published in June, GRI 13 is the latest addition to the GRI Sector Program. It  is the first global and holistic sustainability reporting standard for all companies involved in the upstream production of crops, animals or seafood, setting expectations for consistent reporting on their impacts.