Global Goals Week: get inspired by our SDGs podcast

Published date: 22 September 2022

Medium article by Camila Corradi Bracco, Policy Senior Coordinator

The Sustainable Development Goals are highly relevant from a business context, yet understanding the role companies play in achieving these Global Goals can be a challenge. That’s why GRI created a podcast – The Rising Tide – to bring together expert perspectives from the public and private sectors.

In this article on Medium, Camila Corradi Bracco takes us through the first half of the series, covering SDGs 1-8, each in turn. Given we’re also at the midpoint of Global Goals Week, it’s a timely reminder of the collaboration needed to progress the 2030 Agenda:

Delivering business impact in support of the SDGs

It’s widely accepted that the SDGs are central to how, as an international community, we collaborate to address the most urgent global challenges that we face. The Goals provide a route map towards a better and more sustainable future, yet what do they mean in practice for companies? And how can businesses meaningfully contribute to their fulfilment? The Rising Tide answers questions like these – and many more!”

Camila Corradi Bracco, Policy Senior Coordinator

All episodes of The Rising Tide are freely available now. They can be accessed on SpotifyApple, and Google. GRI also has a full range of SDGs reporting tools and guidance.