Peace is at the heart of sustainable development

Published date: 11 March 2022

War in Ukraine is a setback for sustainability throughout the region

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, and the cost in human suffering rises, the impacts on the progress of sustainable development are also growing by the day.

The GRI Standards are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 16: to promote peaceful and inclusive societies. Obligations for due diligence on human rights, meanwhile, are central to the Universal Standards, which apply to all GRI reporting organizations.

Eelco van der Enden, CEO of GRI, said:

“In common with other organizations and individuals all around the world, GRI is deeply concerned by the violence and destruction currently taking place in Ukraine. First and foremost, the human cost of this conflict, in terms of the suffering of the Ukrainian people, is appalling.
War, wherever it takes place, is the antithesis of the goals of sustainable development. To address the global challenges we face, nations must work together in harmony. Without a return to peace, the sustainability implications for Ukraine, the wider region and around the world, could be far-reaching.
A shared belief in our common humanity has been a hallmark of how the global community has united to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, mitigate climate change and commit to the SDGs. All of these are not without their challenges and disagreements, but the hope has to be this conflict will not persist and humanity will prevail.”

SDG 16 sets out the commitment to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.