Sustainable agriculture: policy developments companies can’t ignore

Published date: 09 December 2022

Medium article by Margarita Lysenkova, Senior Manager – International Policy

From human rights due diligence, to deforestation, pesticide use and animal welfare, there is a global drive towards new policies that increase and enable sustainable agricultural production. Yet what do these developments mean for the numerous companies that are reliant on food and raw materials from the agriculture sector in their global supply chains?

In this Medium article, Margarita Lysenkova takes us through new and emerging sustainable agriculture policies around the world, setting out why companies with agricultural supply chains need to take notice and be ready to disclose their associated impacts.

Corporate accountability in agriculture: why a changing policy landscape matters to business

Given the multiple sustainability themes associated with agriculture, it’s no surprise that the sector is highly regulated. As the global drive towards more sustainable agricultural production intensifies, scrutiny will only further increase. The corporate sector needs to be ready, and stay on top of emerging requirements and expectations for transparency.”

Margarita Lysenkova, GRI

GRI 13: Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fishing Sectors – which published in June 2022 – integrates sustainability expectations across 26 topics for these sectors. This makes it a central reference point for any business seeking to deliver transparency on agricultural impacts in a consistent and comparable way.