Technology has key role in the evolution of impact reporting

Published date: 31 March 2023

Number of GRI Licensed Software partners doubles in one year

As sustainability reporting becomes more widespread and prominent around the world, GRI’s software licensing program has seen substantial growth – with opportunities open for new organizations to use the GRI Standards in their reporting software and tools.  

GRI Licensing recognizes that sustainability and ESG technology can be an enabler for increased transparency by reporting companies, helping them with better data management, regulatory and reporting obligations, and building trust with stakeholders. Through this program, GRI ensures that corporate software and tools accurately incorporate the GRI Standards, drawing on the best practice principles at the heart of the Standards, all the while preserving the integrity of GRI’s intellectual property. 

In 2022, GRI Licensing consolidated its offer by expanding on its methodology to ensure that its review process adds maximum value to partners. As a result, the number of Licensed Software partners doubled, from 24 to 52 organizations. The revenue generated by the program plays a critical role in sustaining the continued development of the GRI Standards, ensuring they remain the world’s most widely used and trusted standards for sustainability impacts. 

At GRI, we recognize the pivotal role that technology plays in the progression of impact reporting, and we remain committed to leveraging its power for a sustainable future. Our software licensing program has rapidly increased, and reflects the emerging role of software solutions in supporting improved sustainability performance, reducing reputational risks, and driving long-term value creation for business and stakeholders.

John Knights, Head of Services

Through GRI Licensing, the organization aims to strengthen the position of sustainability reporting on an equal footing with financial reporting. This reflects the aims of GRI’s collaboration with the International Sustainability Standards Board, and our support for the development of European Sustainability Reporting Standards. 

Interested in becoming a GRI Licensed Software partner? 

Registration is now open to attend free webinars on 26 April (one at 9 AM CEST and one at 5 PM CEST) to discover more about the Licensing program and the benefits and opportunities of becoming a Licensed Software partner.  

More information is available on how to become licensed by GRI. You can also contact the Licensing team here.