Corporate partnerships

Enel partnership for the SDGs

In our current project with global power company Enel, we’re researching how the SDGs influence reporting and contribute to the adoption of new partnerships and business models.

Phase 1 of this project focused on scoping global best practice for SDGs reporting through two virtual open forums in 2019. These forums were attended by businesses, policymakers, NGOs and other stakeholders, and hosted by public opinion research consultancy GlobeScan.

Access the session outcomes in the 'Related documents' section below.

In phase 2 of this project, the outcomes of the online forums will be discussed in regional dialogues. Participants will explore how the lessons, especially those on effective business models and partnerships, can be translated into concrete action.

Related documents

Driving Corporate Action Towards Accomplishing the SDGs: Summary of expert perspectives from the ENEL-GRI Collaboration Forum I file 18 Sep 2020 English 4.9 MB
Scoping a Vision Towards Accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Summary of expert perspectives from ENEL-GRI Collaboration Forum 2 file 18 Sep 2020 English 1.1 MB