Online program

Exclusive learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities for GRI Community members

Building on successful GRI Community online programs from previous years, this year's program has been separated into two categories: Learning and Knowledge sharing.

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Reporting in Practice – This five-part webinar series goes through the reporting process, from preparation all the way to publication. Attendees will benefit from practical insights not only from GRI but also from your fellow GRI Community members and experts. Recordings are available for previous webinars on the following topics:

  • 9: How to apply double materiality in sustainability reporting
  • 8: How to report on human rights with due diligence
  • 7: How to determine material topics incorporating the Sector Standards
  • 6: How to enhance the accessibility and usability of sustainability reports
  • 5: How to determine material topics (general)
  • 4: How to report on Human Rights (general)
  • 3: How to enhance the credibility of sustainability reporting (incl. assurance)
  • 2: How to present reported information
  • 1: How to report with the updated 2021 GRI Standards


Knowledge sharing

Global Member Meetings – Informal quarterly meetings where we bring our global membership together to hear firsthand about the latest developments from GRI, stay up-to-date with trends in the sustainability landscape and engage in active discussions that provide valuable insights.


If you are already a GRI Community member, you can access the schedule and recordings in the member pages.

Access these opportunities

For details on how to take part, get in touch with Manuel Meneses, Senior Manager, Corporate & Stakeholder Engagement

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