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Join the GRI Community and connect with other sustainability leaders, demonstrating a commitment to transparency. The GRI Community membership fee is based on a company’s consolidated annual revenues for the most recently completed fiscal year. With the membership fee, companies are entitled to a certain amount of credits, which can be used towards GRI’s report services or e-learning modules.

Annual Gross Revenue

Membership Fee  Credits towards GRI Products
€ <1m € 500 -
€ <100m € 2,500 € 1,500
€ 100m - 1bn € 7,000 € 2,500
€ 1bn - 50bn € 14,000 € 3,500
€ >50bn € 20,000 € 4,500
Please note By sending in this form you are enrolling in the GRI Community. An invoice will be created for your organization to be paid within 30 days. If you are interested to learn more about the GRI Community before signing up please click here