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Licensed software and tools for more efficient reporting 

Sustainability and ESG technology can be an enabler for increased transparency by reporting companies, helping them to manage their data better; meet regulatory and reporting obligations more easily, and build trust with stakeholders.

Through GRI Licensing, GRI ensures that software and tools accurately incorporate the GRI Standards, drawing on the best practice principles at the heart of the Standards, all the while preserving the integrity of GRI’s intellectual property. 

Find out below how to obtain a license, as well as a list of GRI Licensed Software & Tools Partners that you can use for reporting.


How to get your software or digital tool licensed by GRI

Are you a software or digital tool provider seeking licensing? Follow this 3-step process: 

  1. Application and License Agreement: Start the process by filling out this Contact Form or by contacting [email protected].  
    GRI will guide you through the application process and prepare a License Agreement, including a quote, timeline, verification process details, and other terms and conditions. A mutual NDA can be signed, if needed.

  2. Platform Verification Process: GRI reviews whether the GRI content has been implemented accurately in the software or digital tool, and provides relevant feedback. 

  3. Confirmation of Licensing & Post-licensing Support: After all feedback is implemented, GRI will grant permission to use the GRI content for a period of twelve months, as well as the organizational marks as proof of licensing. Becoming a Software & Tools Partner also grants you regular updates from GRI, discounts in other GRI products, and co-marketing opportunities.



As part of the GRI Licensing – Software & Tools Program, you will have access to our GRI Standards Masterfiles, Excel spreadsheets that contain the licensable content. Along with this document, you will also receive a Content Verification Manual to help you through the process of integrating and licensing the GRI content into your software or digital tool.

Find GRI Licensed Software & Tools Partners

Are you a reporting organization looking to use GRI licensed software or digital tools for more efficient reporting? Take a look at our Software & Tools Partner Directory to find one that meets your needs.

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