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GRI’s Business Leadership Forums (BLFs) facilitate collaboration between companies and stakeholders through active engagement and peer learning, leveraging thought leadership to help find solutions for impactful sustainability reporting.

Our BLFs bring sustainability experts and stakeholders together and focus on current issues and challenges, actively responding to the needs of the GRI Community members.

GRI has been running leadership groups and forums since 2015, inspiring corporate and stakeholder collaboration and focusing on a diverse range of sustainability reporting trends and challenges, which include digital as well as integrated reporting, conflict minerals, circular economy, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have also partnered with other leading organizations, such as the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), PwC, the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), the Responsible Labor Initiative (RLI) and many more, to deliver the most impactful content and results. Reports produced from previous forums are included below. 

The work undertaken in these groups helps forge tools and approaches to improve sustainability reporting practices globally. For example, resources produced by the Business reporting on the SDGs BLF, currently underway, guide thousands of businesses around the world on SDGs integration into sustainability reporting. Watch this video to learn about the experiences of participating organizations. 

As participants, we have had the opportunity to hear and learn the different points of view that are expressed around the same table – this is how good decisions are taken.

Michel Washer (Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer) – Solvay

BLF publications archive

Corporate Leadership Group on Digital Reporting: Insights on using digital tools for sustainability reporting processes file 01 Dec 2020 English 2.3 MB
Advancing Reporting On Responsible Mineral Sourcing file 14 Oct 2019 English 21.7 MB
Advancing modern slavery reporting to meet stakeholder expectations file 26 Nov 2019 English 10 MB
Forging a Path to integrated Reporting: Insights from The GRI Corporate Leadership Group On Integrated Reporting file 01 Feb 2017 English 7.6 MB
The Next Era of Corporate Disclosure, Sustainability and Reporting 2025 Project, March 2016 file 01 Mar 2016 English 4.8 MB
Sustainability And Reporting Trends In 2025 - Preparing for the Future - First Analysis Paper, May 2015 file 05 May 2015 English 1.6 MB
Sustainability and Reporting Trends in 2025 - Preparing for the Future - 2nd Analysis Paper, October 2015 file 15 Oct 2015 English 4.5 MB

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