Content Index Tool

​Manage your GRI disclosures and create an accurate GRI Content Index

 About the tool

​GRI's Content Index Tool helps you build your Content Index by generating a customized template based on your preferred 'in accordance' option, together with your selected material topics.
A complete and accurate GRI Content Index is the navigation tool of a GRI report: it makes information traceable, increasing the value of your reported data and the transparency of your report.

 Accessing the tool


The tool can be purchased for a small fee via the link below. This tool is designed to facilitate the creation of a GRI Content Index in the near-final stages of the report preparation phase, thus the material topics and disclosures should already be known before generating the final Excel file. If changes must be made to the Content Index after the file has been generated, they can be done using the normal functionalities in Excel.

With the GRI Community membership fee, companies are entitled to a certain amount of credits, which can be used towards the GRI Content Index Tool. Benefits cannot be passed on to another reporting organization or client (in case the service was requested by a consultant) or third party. 

To gain access, please contact 
GRI Standards- GRI Content Index Tool​
​Customizable Online and User Friendly

​€ 35 / generated GRI Content Index

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