The GRI Standards represent global best practice for reporting publicly on a range of economic, environmental and social impacts. Sustainability reporting based on the Standards provides information about an organization’s positive or negative contributions to sustainable development.

The modular, interrelated GRI Standards are designed primarily to be used as a set, to prepare a sustainability report focused on material topics. The three universal Standards are used by every organization that prepares a sustainability report. An organization also chooses from the topic-specific Standards to report on its material topics – economic, environmental or social.

Preparing a report in accordance with the GRI Standards provides an inclusive picture of an organization’s material topics, their related impacts, and how they are managed. An organization can also use all or part of selected GRI Standards to report specific information.

The Standards are available below. You can download each Standard individually, or you can download the entire set - either in a zip file of or in a combined PDF.

Consolidated set of GRI Standards

The consolidated set of GRI Standards includes the 36 individual GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, and the GRI Standards Glossary, in one PDF.

Universal Standards

The 100 series of the GRI Standards includes three universal Standards applicable for every organization preparing a sustainability report. They guide reporters in using the Standards, reporting an organization’s relevant contextual information, and reporting how its material topics are managed.

Social Standards

The 400 series of the GRI Standards include topic-specific Standards used to report information on an organization’s material impacts related to social topics.

GRI Standards Glossary

The GRI Standards Glossary is designed to be used together with the GRI Standards. It includes terms and definitions that apply in the context of using the GRI Standards for sustainability reporting.

GRI Standards Resources

Resources are available to support the use of the GRI Standards. These include guidance documents and tools that provide an overview of the changes between the G4 Guidelines and the GRI Standards, and guide G4 reporters as they transition to the GRI Standards.

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Getting started with the GRI Standards

Information is available to help new and existing reporters explore the GRI Standards. Resources include videos, recorded webinars, mapping documents, access to services, and other content to help reporters get started.

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