In 2017, the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB), GRI's independent standard-setting body, initiated a project to develop new disclosures related to tax and payments to governments, which will be considered for incorporation into the GRI Standards.

The aim of this work is to help promote greater transparency on a reporting organization’s approach to taxes. Making tax data more widely accessible will help build stakeholder trust and contribute to better-informed policy and investment decisions.

To this end, a multi-stakeholder Technical Committee of experts appointed by the GSSB began its work in January 2018 and developed a draft Standard on tax and payments to governments.

A 90-day public comment period for the exposure draft of the GRI Standard: Tax and Payments to Governments ran from 13 December 2018 to 15 March 2019. 

The GSSB, received 85 responses representing approximately 110 organizations or individuals. The submissions received are published here. All public comments received were considered by the Technical Committee and GSSB, and informed further development of the new Standard.

In September 2019, the GSSB approved the new Standard, to be known as GRI 207: Tax 2019. 

The project follows the GSSB Due Process Protocol, the implementation of which is overseen by the Due Process Oversight Committee.

Further background on the project can be found on the GRI 207: Tax 2019 project page

Effective date: 1 January 2021

Earlier adoption is encouraged.


The authoritative text of the GRI Standards is English but authorized translations of GRI 2017: Tax 2019 will become available in key languages from April 2020. Please consult the GRI Translations page or contact for more information on the upcoming translation schedule.

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