GRI 411: Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2016 sets out reporting requirements on the topic of rights of indigenous peoples. This Standard can be used by an organization of any size, type, sector or geographic location that wants to report on its impacts related to this topic.


In the context of the GRI Standards, the social dimension of sustainability concerns an organization’s impacts on the social systems within which it operates.

GRI 411 addresses the rights of indigenous peoples. While there is no universal definition of indigenous peoples, they are generally identified as1:

  • tribal peoples in independent countries whose social, cultural and economic conditions distinguish them from other sections of the national community, and whose status is regulated wholly or partially by their own customs or traditions or by special laws or regulations;
  • peoples in independent countries who are regarded as indigenous on account of their descent from the populations which inhabited the country, or a geographical region to which the country belongs, at the time of conquest or colonization or the establishment of present state boundaries and who, irrespective of their legal status, retain some or all of their own social, economic, cultural and political institutions.

Many indigenous peoples have suffered from historic injustices and therefore are considered a vulnerable group. Such a group is at a higher risk of suffering a disproportionate burden of the economic, environmental and/or social impacts of an organization’s activities.2 

These concepts are covered in key instruments of the International Labour Organization and the United Nations: see the References section of this Standard.

The disclosures in this Standard can provide information about an organization’s impacts related to the rights of indigenous peoples, and how it manages these impacts.


1 Source: International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 169, ‘Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention’, 1991.
2 Source: United Nations (UN) Declaration, ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’, 2007.

Effective date: 1 July 2018



GRI 411: Rights of Indigenous Peoples

1. Management approach disclosures
2. Topic-specific disclosures

Disclosure 411-1 Incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous peoples





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