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Digitalizing our standards

  • Our taxonomy enables organizations to issue reports in a digital format: one of the reasons why GRI Standards are the global language of sustainability reporting.

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Using the taxonomy, organizations can apply digital tags to information reported using the GRI Standards. Making reported data machine-readable will facilitate quick research, analysis, and transparent decision-making.

The GRI Sustainability taxonomy will offer:

  • Expanded reporting options: enables companies to provide reports based on the GRI Standards in XBRL alongside traditional formats such as pdf;
  • digital repository of information, provides a source for consistent impact-related sustainability data that will be useful for reporters, researchers and others;
  • Automatic validation: ensures that a company’s sustainability report adheres to requirements of reporting "in accordance" or "with reference to" the GRI Standards.
  • Opportunities for interoperability: helping to ensure the same data can be used to report with different standards in the future. 


When using the digital taxonomy to report, organizations can choose between:

  • preparing XBRL reports themselves, using dedicated software or specialist services, or
  • entering their reported information directly into a webform on GRI’s website.



The following resources explain how the GRI Sustainability Taxonomy was developed. To participate in the consultation, please complete our questionnaire.



On 10 July GRI is inviting sustainability experts and reporters to join one of the two consultation webinars: