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Published date: 19 February 2024

Nominations open for new members to join the Stakeholder Council

The process is underway to find new members to join the GRI Stakeholder Council, the governance body that fully embodies the multi-stakeholder relevance that is at the heart of GRI’s activities and priorities.

An advisory formal forum that provides recommendations on future GRI policy and business planning decisions, the Stakeholder Council reflects the views of the key constituency groups within GRI’s global network. This covers business, civil society, investors, labor bodies and mediating institutions. 

The call for new members of the Stakeholder Council is open until 22 March 2024. GRI is seeking balanced representation that spans global regions – ensuring a wide range of interests, knowledge and backgrounds are reflected.

A multi-stakeholder approach is central to GRI’s work and one of the key strengths underpinning our world-leading sustainability reporting standards. The Stakeholder Council provides vital support to further GRI’s mission, which is to empower decisions that create social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. To take sustainability reporting to the next level – progressing our work to support organizations and governments around the world to advance sustainable development – we need the right people to counsel and guide us. That is why we are seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds to join the Stakeholder Council who can use their unique experiences and perspectives to inform GRI decision-making and future direction.”

Jessica Fries, Chair of the GRI Supervisory Board

The Stakeholder Council acts as a sounding board on key strategic issues, providing advice to GRI’s Supervisory Board, Management Board, and Global Sustainability Standards Board. Members support efforts to elevate sustainability reporting practices worldwide and promote international harmonization.

Appointments are on a voluntary basis, with members serving initial three year terms, commencing 1 June 2024. View the above link for the remit, expectations, responsibilities and time commitment involved, as well as details of the nomination process and how to apply.