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Increase the navigability of your report

The GRI content index increases the usability of your reported information. Help stakeholders navigate your disclosures and see the information most relevant to them at a glance. 

Below you can find further details of the service types available, which will depend on the set of GRI Standards used for reporting.

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Content Index - Essentials

For reports prepared using the Universal Standards 2021

Getting the basics right for your report's content index 

This service focuses on disclosures that cannot be omitted under the Universal Standards 2021, ensuring their correct application and reference. It is recommended for experienced reporters familiar with the updated Standards. 

By choosing this service, we help you make sure that:  

  • Your GRI content index meets the requirements of the Standards
  • The presentation and structure of essential disclosures is correct
  • Your references to GRI and the GRI Standards are accurate 
  • Your content index also meets new requirements for reporting under the revised Universal Standards 2021

Additionally, we provide recommendations for how to improve your report further - which are not strict requirements of this service.


Content Index - Advanced

For reports prepared using the Universal Standards 2021

Demonstrating your commitment to quality and transparency

This service reviews your report's GRI content index as a whole, covering all disclosures and omissions. It is recommended for less experienced reporters or those who are less confident with the revised Universal Standards. This service helps you demonstrate the highest level of commitment to your stakeholders, ensuring transparency and access to information that is most relevant to them. 

In addition to the benefits of the Content Index - Essentials service, the Content Index - Advanced service also provides:  

  • A complete health check of your GRI Content Index
  • A review of the structure and presentation of all disclosures included (covering topics such as materiality assessment, governance as well as the Sector Standards)  
  • A review of the reasons for omission, to help ensure that these are presented in the best way possible

Choosing the Content Index - Advanced service will demonstrate that you are taking extra steps to ensure your GRI Content Index is of the highest quality possible.


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