Announcing the new GRI Stakeholder Council members
01 November 2016

​As a result of elections held this year, GRI is honored to welcome 17 new and 5 re-elected members to the GRI Stakeholder Council (SC). Representing Business Enterprises, Investment Institutions and Mediating Institutions, these SC members will play a fundamental role in upholding the multi-stakeholder approach of GRI and supporting the SC in its governance function.
​The Stakeholder Council (SC) is the formal stakeholder policy forum within the GRI governance structure. The SC's key governance functions include appointing Board members and deliberating on issues of strategic importance to GRI.

The international open call for SC members launched in June this year attracted a large number of nominations from sustainability experts from all over the world representing different constituencies. After careful review by GRI’s Nominating Committee (GNC), these individuals were included in the pool of candidates that was subsequently submitted to voting, namely by GRI’s GOLD community and the SC itself. 

GRI would like to congratulate the sitting SC members who will continue for a second term on the SC (organized per constituency):

Business Enterprise:
  • Karsten Schröder, econsense Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V.
  • Matthias W. Send, ENTEGA AG
  • Michel Bande, Solvay S.A. 
  • Nilesh Moodley, Sustainability Synapse 

Mediating Institutions:
  • Milagros Zamudio, BSD Consulting 

In addition, GRI extends a warm welcome to the following 17 new members, beginning 1 January 2017:

Business Enterprise:
  • Elmer Lenzen, macondo publishing GmbH, based in Germany 
  • Heloisa Covolan, Itaipu Binacional, based in Brazil 
  • Janet Neo, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, based in Singapore 
  • Jennifer Leitsch, CBRE Commercial Real Estate Services, based in the USA 
  • Marina Migliorato, Enel, based in Italy 
  • Mikkel Larsen, DBS Bank Ltd, based in Singapore
  • Vishnee Payen, LUX Resorts & Hotels, based in Mauritius 

Investment Institutions:
  • Rogito Nyangeri, Nairobi Securities Exchange, based in Kenya 
  • Lorraine Chemaly, Industrial Development Corporation, based in South Africa
  • Kerry Lindupp, United Super Pty Ltd – CBUS, based in Australia
  • Gao Seleka-Sekonopo, FinCraft Investment Management, based in Botswana
  • Brandon Urdang, Liberty Holdings Ltd, based in South Africa

Mediating Institutions:
  • Bahar Gidwani, CSR Hub LLC, based in the USA
  • Beth Knight, Ernst&Young LLP, based in the UK 
  • Erdem Kolcuoglu, Kiymet-i Harbiye Management Consultancy, based in Turkey 
  • Thomas Trier Hansen, Nordic Law Group ApS, based in Denmark
  • John Sayer, Carbon Care Asia, based in Hong Kong 

GRI would also like to thank SC members who stepped down from the council at the end of 2016 for their dedicated commitment and invaluable contribution to GRI:

Business Enterprise: 
  • Frank van den Hurk, Rabobank
  • Lemarron Kaanto, Diplomatic Service, Government of Kenya
  • Seema Arora, CII ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development

Investment Institutions:
  • Julian Poulter, The Global Asset Owners Disclosure Project & The Climate Institute

Mediating Institutions:
  • Amanda Keogh, icare NSW
  • Dorcas Hove, Independent Gender & Media Consultant
  • Jorge Reyes Iturbide, Centro IDEARSE para la Responsabilidad y Sustenabilidad de la Empresa
  • Neha Kumar, GIZ
  • Guo Peiyuan, SynTao
  • Rodney Ndamba, Institute for Sustainability Africa
  • Susan Blesener, The Art of Value

“The SC comprises around 50 people who are actively shaping the practice and evolution of sustainability reporting in their respective positions and networks”, says Helena Barton, SC Chair. “Convening this breadth of international experience and insight in a founding governance body is testament to GRI’s leadership and unwavering commitment to the multi-stakeholder principle, as it advances a global standard for sustainability reporting”.

“I’d like to thank the members rolling off the Council and congratulate those coming on. We welcome their contribution to our discussions and recommendations to GRI”.