Translations of the GRI Standards

Translations of the GRI Standards ensure that the first global standards for sustainability reporting are accessible for a diverse global audience.

Below you can access available translations of the GRI Standards. You can also review the upcoming translation schedule, or learn more about supporting future translation work.

Download the Standards in these languages:





Translation process

To ensure that high quality GRI Standard translations are available in a timely manner, GRI is coordinating a process, which includes:

  • A professional translation agency to maintain a high standard across all translations and ensure efficiency;
  • A committee of up to four diverse peer reviewers per translation (on a pro bono basis) to help guarantee accuracy and usability of the translations.

The translation process will take 24 weeks in total for each language. ​The current status of these translation projects is as follows:

 Language                      Status                                         Expected release date          
 Arabic​​   Launched Now available
 French  Launched    Now available  
 German  Launched Now available
 Indonesian  Launched  Now available
 Italian  In progress  ​September 2019
 Japanese  Launched  Now available
 Portuguese  Searching for Sponsorship and Peer Reviewers  ​n/a
 Simplified Chinese  Launched  Now available 
 Spanish  Launched Now available
 Traditional Chinese  Launched Now available
 Vietnamese  Launched Now available

GRI Standards translations - get involved

GRI is seeking support for the translation of the GRI Standards. Are you interested in becoming a part of the Peer Review Committee? Learn more about the translation peer review process here.

Looking for more information? Please write to