(GRI) (Consolidated set of GRI Standards) المجموعة الموحدة من معايير المبادرة العالمية للتقارير

(Social Standards) المعايير الاجتماعية

(GRI Standards Glossary) مسرد معايير المبادرة العالمية للتقارير (GRI)

GRI Standards Resources

Resources are available to support the use of the GRI Standards. These include guidance documents and tools that provide an overview of the changes between the G4 Guidelines and the GRI Standards, and guide G4 reporters as they transition to the GRI Standards.

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Getting started with the GRI Standards

Information is available to help new and existing reporters explore the GRI Standards. Resources include videos, recorded webinars, mapping documents, access to services, and other content to help reporters get started.

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